Important repairs and redecorating projects are on your list. Nevertheless, because of the moon alert see above , do not shop for your home today. Ideally — kick back and relax. Nevertheless, you should know that most of this day is a moon alert, so think before you speak. Furthermore, restrict your spending to food, gas and entertainment during the moon alert. This week there are four planets in your money house, which means you are thinking about money, working hard to earn money, plus making plans to spend it.

Meanwhile, during the moon alert today, restrict your spending to food, gas and entertainment. Well, well, well — the sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all in Virgo. Nevertheless, while there is a moon alert in your money house, restrict your spending to food, gas and entertainment. And postpone important decisions.

And indeed you are. You are waiting for the sun to enter your sign on Sept.

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Until then, play things low-key. See moon alert for today. This is a lovely day to schmooz, which means you will enjoy the company of friends, as well as the company of classes, groups, clubs, conventions and conferences. This is a tricky day, because a handful of planets at the top of your chart help you to interact with bosses, VIPs, parents and teachers. Nevertheless, the moon alert today see above is a bad time to volunteer for anything or agree to anything important.

Ditto for spending money. You long for escape, travel, adventure and anything different that will bring some fun, stimulation and change to your life. In fact, this might happen today, but it might not be the way you want. This is a goofy day for travel and legal matters. Batten down the hatches. Because a bunch of planets are in one of your money houses, do be aware that this is a poor day to spend money.

Except for food, gas and entertainment. See moon alert above. At this time, you are strongly focused on partnerships and close friendships. Enjoy good vibes with others, but be patient if you are annoyed. Today, during the moon alert, postpone important decisions. Restrict your spending to food and gas. Actor Keanu Reeves shares your birthday today.

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A child born on this day is richly endowed with creative talent skills and ingenuity, with fitting recog- r. Public ac- claim is among its rewards. For Monday March 1 Monday's astrological forecast is for a time of distraction and excitement under urge of the emotions, impulses and dramatic situations outside the realm of the common-place and conventional.

This might concern the social af- fectional or romantic life, or seek to find expression along purely creative lines, of more than ord- inary genius. However, the definite promise of success and high ad- venture could be blocked by rash, impetuous and turbulent moves, with clear judgment set aside for reckless conclusions. Personal mag- netism is accentuated and could prove most decisive. Tal- ents and skill outside the ordin- ary could be manipulated to over- whelming advantage, with radical and distinctive force.

Unique ideas of startling force could be put over by the sheer force of personal mag- netism or inventive genius. Nev- ertheless a tendency to rash and urges might warp the. A child born on this day mav have unique talents, skills and deas sustained by a magnetic personality and unusual influence But all might be lost by strange impulses or turbulent emotions rather than clear thinking and" cool conduct Unwanted hair removed instantly from lace, arms, legs with Flash Hair Ro- movcr.

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